Honoring veterans

[Bartletti, Don -- B581665708Z.1 NOVEMBER 4, 2011. LOS ANGELES, CA. L to R: WWII vets join hands at the Go For Broke memorial in Los Angeles. Tuskegge Airmen - Army Captain Ted Lumpkin and Maj. Levi H. Thornhill - 79, both served in Italy. Navajo Code Talkers U.S. Marine PFC Samuel Tso - 89 and U.S. Marine PFC Bill Toledo - 87, both were at Iwo Jima. Japanese-American soldiers Army Cpl Don Seki - 87, lost left arm in combat in France , 1944 ; and Army SSgt Kenjiro Akune - 88, a p.o.w. interrogator in Burma. (Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times)] *** []