Ronald Williams receive 2014 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Alpha Delta Chapter Brother of Year award at the 2014 Miss Black & Gold Pageant. Brother Fred Dorton, current Alpha Delta graduate adviser presents Ron with the award.

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014—During Alpha Delta Miss Black and Gold 2014 Bro. Williams was selected for the honor of AD Brother of the Year. “My line brothers might think otherwise, but the award definitely came as a surprise to me. When I came into the chapter, I knew the expectation was to do work for the chapter and the fraternity—so I came in with the mentality of exactly that. Never would I have ever expected to have been involved with so many different fraternity related initiatives from my crossing date up until now. I have had the privileges of: holding the role of Vice President of the chapter, President of the Chapter on the campus of CSULA, President of the NPHC at CSULA, hosting 4 events/programs at CSULA, attending Alpha leadership academy, attending western regional conference, supporting multiple community service events, and the list goes on. It’s been a very active and demanding year that has been full of challenges and obstacles, but overall the work has been enjoyable and taught me a lot. I am both thankful and honored that the chapter chose to acknowledge me with the Brother of the Year Award for my contributions to the chapter this year.” -Bro Ron Williams, Spring 2013 Initiate


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