Diamond Polk

Diamond Polk

2013 Miss Black &Gold Winner

University of Southern California


3.56 GPA

Diamond Polk is a fun loving Pisces that’s addicted to hot yoga. Even though she always shines

bright, this pageant princess is afraid of the dark unless she’s eating chocolate! You won’t find

Diamond watching a scary movie, unless it’s a parody, because she loves to laugh and make

others around her laugh even harder.

Diamond is a senior at the University of Southern California studying theatre and

entrepreneurship. She excels on the stage and hopes to become a Broadway star–entertaining

the masses, dazzling audiences around the world. Diamond enjoys acting, dancing, trying to

sing like Beyonce, improvisation, baking, and then eating her creations. You will always find

Diamond smiling, ‘cause ain’t nobody got time for frowns!

Diamond stays active on campus as she serves a Theatre Ambassador, Orientation Advisor—

mentoring incoming freshman, transfer, international, and graduate students, Alcohol Abuse

Prevention mentor, and Explore USC panelist. She is always looking for more opportunities to

get involved and make change happen on and off campus. Yes, diamonds are a girls’ best friend;

but everyone will fall in love.