Since its inception on February 2, 1921 as the fourth Greek-Lettered Organization chartered on the campus of the University of Southern California, Alpha Delta has continued to make excellence the standard and not the goal, serving as an example for all other organizations, Greek and otherwise.
As the 26th House of Alpha, founded while other Black Greek-Lettered Organizations were still in infancy or yet to be, we’ve boasted to “arrogantly defy” all who attempt comparison. It is this strong chapter pride and rich history that shape the Alpha men of the Alpha Delta chapter.

The first chapter of any of the Divine Nine chartered in this time zone, we are the GRANDDADDY OF THE WHOLE WEST COAST!

Alpha Delta Chapter at the University of Southern California grew out of the University Student’s Club, under the leadership of Malcolm Patton and Bert McDonald. This club was organized at the home of Dr. John Somerville as a social organization. The fun and frolic alone soon failed to satisfy the thoughtful members and an effort was launched to secure affiliation with a national fraternity. The effort was successful and with the authority of the Thirteenth Annual Convention, Alpha Delta Chapter was installed by Brother Clarence A. Jones, former General Treasurer, at the home of Brother Howard Allen.

The charter members included the following: Brothers Malcolm H. Patton, Samuel B. Danley, Jr., Thomas. A Greene, Jr., Bert McDonald, Arthur E. Prince, Hayward Thompson, Hugh Bell, John Rout, John Riddle, Bernard Herndon, Simeon Draper William Pillow, Howard Allen, Clifford Gordon, and James McGregor. Faculty recognition was granted by the university committee on fraternities and the executive committee of the Associated Student Body.

Serving as host Chapter to the Forty-third General Convention, Alpha Delta is proud to have received Jewel Brother Henry Arthur Callis, Jewel Brother George Biddle Kelley and Jewel Brother Nathaniel Allison Murray. As the first chapter in the region, Alpha Delta originally served as parent chapter, helping to charter chapters at various other colleges and universities in California. For years, young black male students around Southern California have experienced true fraternity through this chapter. However, as the years have passed, Alpha Delta has come to include California State University at Los Angeles and Occidental College. The efforts of brothers at these schools have added immensely to reputation of the chapter, making Alpha Delta an ever-powerful triumvirate.